Collingwood board meltdown gameday thread

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Team Captain
Oct 2, 2018
AFL Club
collingwood has to clear clean out all positions then at seasons end have egm and all members vote on each and every position this is the only real way to doing it for the rest of the season just get graham wright to run it all then as soon as round 23 is over hold the long a waited EGM
Fed up with both mark korda and jeff brown they are both nothing.


All Australian
Mar 1, 2021
AFL Club
We are usually at the top of the ladder, but pressure builds over time, people stay too long and it comes to a head. Out last big upheaval was 1982, before that was 1974. But it always gets resolved and we move on. That’s our history.
Enjoy it bed wetters while you can.
Fact check: False.

In modern times - lets say since 1980, you've finished on top of the ladder only twice. This is worse than Essendon, Carlton, Geelong, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide, Sydney & West Coast. You are tied with North, St Kilda, Richmond & Adelaide.

South of the Yarra

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 23, 2006
AFL Club
You've won a single premiership in the last 30 years.

North and the Dogs have faced mergers/bankruptcy/relocation drama in that time and won as many or more flags.

With Collingwood's enormous structural financial advantage, the last 30 years have been an enormous failure.
We have also won one Premiership in the last 11 years. Funny how Maths works.

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Existential crisis management consultant
Apr 28, 2008
The Championship
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North Melbourne
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Wycombe Wanderers
All bar two on our board are AFL planted, including Eddie’s CEO of JamTv. How conflicted is that?

Whilst Wanganeen promotes another teams game in Dreamtime.
Probably went bust if not for AFL intervention ten years ago. They have a right to protect their investment.


Premiership Player
Oct 2, 2002
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Western Bulldogs
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The only winner is Buckley.

He is extended either way.
If he’s smart he should just walk. Make the announcement now and state he’ll see out the year to orchestrate a smooth handover. He’ll enjoy a massive credibility boost. Then take a year off, take the new missus to Noosa for a while, with a bit of side work in the Ch 7 commentary box which he’ll get paid well for. A bit of good press from coaching the boys auskick teams.

In 12 months time another club will come calling if he wants to get back into it, and more than likely they’ll be closer to a flag than the pies.

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