Competitions Collingwood Goal Kicking Competition 2021

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Apr 3, 2010
AFL Club
Folks it’s that time again for our Board’s crazy goal kicking competition.

the Rules are quite simple.

  • each week select 1 player to kick at least 1 goal during our team’s match
  • if your selection is accurate you move to the next week and play on, each week you need to select a goal kicker
  • however, you can only select an individual goal kicker in one match once only, after you use your player you must select a new player in the next match and so on and so forth
  • the game will continue until we have a winner (ie till all competitors bomb out); there can be a tie of say the last 2 or 3 players bomb out together
  • a substitute will be selected each week for any mis step by competitor: eg a late or forgotten entry, or selecting a player invalidly.
  • substitute will work on on jumper number 1 for week 1 then progress to next lower number available in next game
  • players must be selected by ball up (start up of game) or the substitute will be placed as your goal kicking player
  • should you have selected a player and then he is the actual substitute (and you are eg late, you will be given the next appropriate substitute - see numbers order system above
  • magpie_marty is the Chief Steward so that’s how we rule things on the game.
  • place your name and copy paste ongoing to enter
  • enjoy it’s a fun game
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