List Mgmt. COLLINGWOOD Trade and F/A Discussion

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 20, 2009
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What could they possibly have sent back that would insulate us from an inevitable bid from North at Pick 1?

If you can throw a 600-800 point deficit at another team's future first round pick then you put the bid in at pick 1. Every single time.
I think you only do that if you think its going to benefit you. When one team loses through an earlier bid, that loss gets distributed amongst other teams. Are North likely to benefit? Or are they just distributing our assets to other teams?

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Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 26, 2013
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TR is reporting the deal as Lynch + Freo's future 3rd + Suns future 4th for Brisbane's future 3rd and Hawthorn's future 3rd.

Really didn't need to throw in the Suns future 4th imo but we can thank the shitheads at Kardinia Park for that.


If you project Freo to finish somewhere between 6th - 12th, GC to finish 13th-18th, Hawthorn 9th - 15th and Brisbane 1st to 6th then it ends up looking like

Lynch +
2022 pick 43-48 +
2022 pick 55-60


2022 pick 40-45 +
2022 pick 49-54

Basically gave Lynch away for minor upgrades to our existing future 3rd and future 4th picks from Freo and GC.

This is what happens when one sh*t team holds a trade sequence up until the last 30 minutes even though we were, for a change of pace, ready to deal from early on.
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The Royal Sampler

Floreat Pica, b*tch!
Nov 26, 2006
Hooray For Science, Woo!
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We almost got nothing for Lynch. I’d rather have the Freo future third we gave up than the Brisbane future third we brought in.

So it was basically Hawks future third (likely early) for Suns future fourth (also likely fairly early), minus any loss we take going from Freo to Brisbane on the other future third.

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