Comic book investing and CGC grading for newb

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Apr 10, 2015
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Been a long time since i purchased a comic but am looking to get back into it and have a few questions.

How often do comic books increase in value and how would some devalue?

CGC grading is something I've just found out about. Is this the way to go to grow the value of your comic or does it stay at the CGC value for the life of it being sealed at quoted value?

Thanks in advance

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Apr 25, 2012
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Yeah well seeing as I seem to have stretches of idle time at work and you seem to be suspended and probably unable to talk back I will tell you a few things I know about comic investering...
Comic books generally except for some exceptions are not a great investment.
Mostly because it takes thirty or forty years for the average comic from a long lasting series to increase much.For example if you bought a phantom comic in 1975 and kept it in perfect condition your twenty cent investment would now be worth about $ 15.00 or so and that would be one of the better comics to have.There are lots of old series that don't have much of a market at all.
A few examples of good comic investments pictured.
Betty and Me #16 is worth $70 to $100 dollars and easy to sell.other issues of that series after the first ten or so are about $30 with not much demand from about 1965.
The Spider Woman is a variant number one issue from some awsome Italian erotic artist with a liking for the female form.A variant is a copy of a comic with a different cover usually done by a different artist they are limited in number and have to be ordered in.sometimes they are a good investment mostly not.The spider woman #1variant (from this year) is selling on eBay for about $250.00 because of a bit of a controversy about its suitability for a comic.
Also first appearance of a character comic are good investments.Probably the best investments .Especially if the the character becomes an extremely popular modern pop culture icon with movies made.
Harley Quinn first appeared in Batman adventures 12 from 1995.That comic goes for $2,000 in mint condition and is raising in value with up to three movies coming out next year.
Deadpool first appearance new mutant #98 1985 or so selling for over $600 for a very common comic.Both those comics will raise in value and are good investments

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