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Mar 14, 2002
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Ok let's just settle this: even Archer acknowledges his Norm Smith might've been Corey McKernan's.

Fwiw I remember Mike Sheahan on Talking Footy leading into the GF giving Archer as his smokie for the Norm Smith. Guess who's then in the Norm Smith selection group probably wanting to demonstrate their own footy nouse?

Not saying Archer was undeserving but Corey was instrumental on the day and was probably robbed of 3x awards during his career as a result.

You could mount a case for McKernan for 1999 too thanks to his 2nd quarter minutes of madness that blew the game open.
It’s settled

Archer won it


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Oct 17, 2018
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North Melbourne
The media are morons. Do they honestly believe the club did not take into account the fact that Scott may not get a coaching gig? FMD these dipshits are believing what they write.

These idiots actually believe that this has backfired on the club because the club expected Scott to be coaching next year thus saving on the payout. Really? I am sure that the club had factored in Scott not getting another gig but if he did, then that would have been a bonus. The payout of Scott will be immaterial when compared to the damage the club would have suffered if they kept him on. The club was definitely losing its identity under Scott and did they right thing in parting ways with him. It made business sense but hey lets not let the truth get in the way of a good bashing story of NMFC. You can already clearly see North people are back on board and happy where the club is heading. To me the $800k reported is a non issue and will be the best $800k the club has spent in the last decade.


Didn't get Luke Jackson NMFC :(
Mar 23, 2001
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Scott was on close to $650k, not the $800k the media keeps misquoting. I expect the AFL is going to pay their boy $250k to be the Executive Director of Self Promotion. That leaves a $400k hole that we have to make up. Shaw would probably be on $450k next year. That means the difference is only $200k. So basically, we just need to re-use the 2019 towels and we have balanced the books.
We have towels????......


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Oct 6, 2012
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Ogopogo Dragons
Thats it. Wilson also said Greig did not deserve to win the Brownlow.
From a story I've been told by someone that was there it was a real toys out of the cot and disrespectful tantrum. Apple hasn't fallen far form the tree, eh?
Must say that when North hit the field next game against Tiggers Bartlett broke away from the team and ran across to Greig to shake his hand. Was a big gesture at the time.
Was at a function a few years back where KB was talking about his playing days and kept calling him "The Great Keith Greig", never just "Keith Greig".

The Y Factor

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Sep 28, 2005
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North Melbourne
Mate Kane Cornes reckons Polec is on $900k per year and a wristy after every game
sounds fun but zero chance

i reckon it was reported as 750 per year/ 3.5 mil for 5 years which is probably inflated for juicy reporting.

Pittard's was much less.

p.s - he is constantly wrong and negatively biased.
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