Competitions COMPETITION 1 - Trivia Night! 2019 BF NMFC Player Sponsors

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Sep 25, 2004
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Washington Redskins, Boston Celtics
Remember; we expect a full written report from the winners about the event!

Even though I'm personally a little disappointed (I wanted to win this one!) I believe from memory that both Ally/Kangafruity and jimandphilbadge have yet to win anything through the sponsorship program. Both first timers I think. So that's a good outcome!


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Jun 10, 2002
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North Melbourne
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Hi everyone, just checking in after what was a great night on Tuesday with our sponsored player Jy and Paul Ahern.
I am doing this report on behalf of Ally18 who won the prize but is in the middle of doing school reports.
She actually sat next to the boys but relayed info for me.
Our table came a close 3rd only losing by 2 points in the end. Paul was good at the trivia, Jy just so but he was definitely the more chatty of the 2, Paul was very shy.
Takeouts from the night were
Apart from some of the older players, they weren't all that sorry to see Brad go and really only did find out on the day. Jy said he got on well with him but Paul not so much.
Paul was hoping with the change of coach he would start getting a game and he is hoping after the bye he will get a call up
They said that Rhyce hadn't really changed much a few tweaks, their words but they had been building before Brad left and thought the footy they were playing was heading down the right path
Jy was asked about what he hated most about footy and he stated - preseason and training in the heat for 3 hours
Jy had no idea what BigFooty was/is and how the sponsorship worked (We gave him a rundown). He says every year he has a new sponsor and that it makes it a little hard to get to know people. Jy stated he doesn't read much media at all because he thinks it would only be people bagging him.
They both shook their heads when Stratton and Stephenson were mentioned. They were both surprised Stratton only got 2 weeks
The night went pretty quickly and there wasn't a lot of time for chit chat due to the quick nature of having to answer the questions and they then had to drive to Echuca for Community Camp the next day so didn't really have the opportunity to chat afterwards
There were a few players missing (or I just didn't see them) but most of the seniors were there except Jack and Higgo but he might not be able to drive, no Maj. Ben Cunnington looked like he would rather be anywhere but there
There was a big play for buying experiences - Dinner with Rhyce and Cam Joyce $1000, Golf Day etc
Overall it is a great night and thanks Chadwiko for organising
If I think of anything else I will add later

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