Compromise bench/interchange system

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Sep 13, 2000
Melbourne cricket ground. Australia
AFL Club
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keep 4 on the bench
keep 18 on the field

Unlimited interchanges - dont want to see stupid free kicks for goal because someone cant count)

All players can be rotated in the first half - the sub rule only really affects second halves of games

In the second half, 2 players each team put on the green jacket, and can only be substituted into the rotation. Obviously already injured players would put on the jacket, and would not be substituted

CHECK - players get a run each week - a bench only suggestion like KBs would be a nightmare for player condirioning

CHECK - if a team gets two injuries there isnt a huge disadvantage

CHECK - limits interchanges later on - opens up the game

If KB and co are still not happy, from 3/4 time on you could have another two players each team with green jackets on

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