Compulsory ortho training for the media

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Diamond Jim

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Aug 30, 2007
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Probably a little anal consider this an enema for my brain and yours...

But....I am so damn over reporters and footballers second-guessing the nature of leg injuries...and then butchering the reporting of a diagnosis because they have ZERO understanding of anatomy..especially knees.

Last night, we had dimwit Tom Morris referring to Nick Newman’s patella ligament injury as a ‘patella’.

A Patella is a knee CAP. The piece of bone that fronts the knee capsule and is attached top and bottom by ligaments.

A patella ligament is a piece of musculature tissue that holds the kneecap in place.

They are completely DIFFERENT things.

I seriously wish the AFL would force these asshats into a room for 45 mins to learn some basic terms as part of their press accreditation.

Simple stuff, like understanding the term ‘medial’ vs ‘anterior’ vs ‘posterior’. Like ‘meniscus’ vs ligament, ‘tear’ vs ‘rupture’ vs ‘strain’ etc.

Its just plain f@#$&(ng embarrassing.


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Nov 28, 2004
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