Coach Congratulations to New NMFC Senior Coach - Rhyce Shaw - 3 Year Deal

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The acurate one

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Jan 23, 2019
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North Melbourne
Words are hollow and meaningless if there is no substance behind them.
I think we can safely say there is substance behind them. It doesn't mean we will win the lot, but that's our ambition.

Couple of other points....

"New men are in place but complications and delays in doing so, such as West Coast barring Brady Rawlings from starting with North until December, meant the club was short for key events".

Yep than can keep saying it doesn't make it necessarily true. It of course appeared that way, that also could have been by design.


Now of course under the old management we didn't set any goals. We were about building a side for long term success, we all know that was a cop out.

That though is the biggest smack yet for Scott, " it's a joke I reckon".

FYI no one has heard from Brad since he got the arse , I mean left of his own accord.

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