Delisted Connor Menadue [DFA]

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Hall of Famer
Jul 13, 2012
AFL Club
Other Teams
Charlotte Hornets, Chelsea, Striker
tell me again how menadue stats when he was 18 and 60 kgs matter to his prospects in 2020?
It matters that what you're talking about was 5 years ago and he's done nothing in that time at the top level with a multitude of opportunities both in poor sides and good sides.


Sep 7, 2017
AFL Club
You'll be eating your words at the end of the season.
He's 21 by the way. When Menadue was 21 he wasnt getting games in a sh*t side either.

Plus havent we been through this. While Gallucci does preseason Menadue can get in the dole queue.
When Menadue was 21 the "sh*t" side he was playing for was the one that belted you in the grand final 😂 but you were right about Gallucci not getting a game in a sh*t side so hey 50/50 ain't bad I spose

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