Analysis Continuing the Bloodline - Father Son/Daughter options

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Club Legend
Jul 19, 2019
AFL Club
Part of me hopes we pick him with a top 20 pick and have another O'Loughlin at the Swans.

Another part of me knows that will basically force a similar concession for our Academy.
Im hoping he chooses the Swans as a Father Son option.. stranger things have happened

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Grand Uncle Horace

Hall of Famer
May 24, 2017
Old South Grandstand
AFL Club
Mini Amon Buchanan, mini Craig Bolton, mini Heath Grundy & mini Ted Richards x2!

Lol. Mini Craig Bolton really looks like his dad, old and wise before his time.

Craig is a dead set legend in my book, both on and off the field. I remember when he was playing he did a heap of work with homeless folk , inc sleeping rough himself. He developed a light, waterproof swag that went into production.

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