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May 26, 2009
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Apparently we have 17 out of contract according to

NORTH Melbourne is poised to start contract negotiations with promising midfielder Paul Ahern following his smooth transition into AFL football.

The former Giant, the No.7 NAB AFL Draft pick in 2014, had to wait until his fourth AFL season to make his senior debut after his recovery from two knee reconstructions seven months apart in 2016.

Ahern is one of 17 Kangaroos, headlined by Luke McDonald, Ben Jacobs, Jed Anderson, Jarrad Waite and unrestricted free agents Scott Thompson and Sam Wright, yet to lock in their futures beyond this season. understands North's football boss Cameron Joyce has informed player managers he is keen to hold off in most cases as the Roos hunt a big-name recruit.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 8, 2006
I am here.
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Some back of the envelope figures to get an idea what some of the numbers being thrown around might mean

22 Todd Goldstein 900,000.00
4 Shaun Higgins 700,000.00
7 Jack Ziebell (c) 600,000.00
10 Ben Cunnington 600,000.00
50 Ben Brown 500,000.00
25 Robbie Tarrant (vc) 500,000.00
32 Mason Wood 450,000.00
3 Jed Anderson 400,000.00
30 Jarrad Waite 400,000.00
16 Scott Thompson 400,000.00
1 Majak Daw 350,000.00
18 Shaun Atley 350,000.00
11 Luke McDonald 350,000.00
34 Jamie Macmillan 350,000.00
31 Braydon Preuss 350,000.00
2 Marley Williams 300,000.00
5 Ben Jacobs 300,000.00
6 Taylor Garner 300,000.00
15 Paul Ahern 300,000.00
14 Trent Dumont 250,000.00
8 Nathan Hrovat 200,000.00
12 Jy Simpkin 200,000.00
19 Sam Wright 200,000.00
39 Billy Hartung 200,000.00
13 Ryan Clarke 150,000.00
17 Mitchell Hibberd 150,000.00
20 Nick Larkey 150,000.00
23 Ben McKay 150,000.00
24 Sam Durdin 150,000.00
28 Kayne Turner 150,000.00
33 Ed Vickers-Willis 150,000.00
42 Declan Mountford 150,000.00
21 Alex Morgan 120,000.00
26 Daniel Nielson 110,000.00
35 Declan Watson 110,000.00
36 Josh Williams 110,000.00
38 Tristan Xerri 110,000.00
9 Luke Davies-Uniacke 95,000.00
27 Will Walker 90,000.00
37 Kyron Hayden 80,000.00
40 Tom Murphy 75,000.00
41 Gordon Narrier 75,000.00
43 Tom Jeffries (B) 75,000.00
44 Cameron Zurhaar 75,000.00
45 Oscar Junker 75,000.00

11,850,000.00 (12,600,000 current cap 2018)

Other numbers:
95,000 first rounder
75,000 rookie
376,000 average
105,000 after first year minimum
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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 11, 2014
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North Melbourne
I reckon Thommo will get another contract, brad made that pretty clear in his presser

I reckon Jacobs is in trouble and I have a feeling Anderson will want to entertain his options

Losing a bit of inside toughness

Orange Peanut

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 6, 2013
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North Melbourne
I reckon Thommo will get another contract, brad made that pretty clear in his presser

I reckon Jacobs is in trouble and I have a feeling Anderson will want to entertain his options

Losing a bit of inside toughness
Well that’s a shit sandwich. I’d be upset to lose either of them. Completely fricken devo if it was both...

Rad Roo

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Aug 2, 2017
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North Melbourne
Right now we have 14 out of contract

13 if you don't count Waite who will be retiring

Wright should go, hibberd as we got evw, thompson to go. If we lose anderson, im calling bullshit to all the big signing. Anderson has shown strong leadership qualities with his aggression and attack throughout the game, he is the catalyst why we finished 9th from being equal last in 2017. Jacobs is also vital as he is like your top hitman if we run a mafia family. He can come in to do a job on the most damaging opp midfielders and now he has added strings to his bow.


Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
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The North Melbourne list management team has informed six players their time at Arden St has come to an end, following the club’s 2018 home and away season.

Billy Hartung, Tom Jeffries, Oscar Junker, Gordon Narrier, Daniel Nielson, and Josh Williams were told on Tuesday they won’t be offered new contracts.

North GM football Cameron Joyce said delisting players is always tough for all involved.

“It’s the worst part of our job, by far,” he told North Media.

“Our focus though is on supporting the boys as best we can as they transition to another club or in some cases, look to go in another direction completely in terms of their careers.

“For all these boys, they’ve given their all to the North Melbourne Football Club and we must duly acknowledge their contributions and efforts.”

Hartung managed 13 games for the Kangaroos after making his way from Hawthorn at the end of the 2017 season. The 23-year-old played every match until a hamstring injury cut his season short in Round 14 against the Bulldogs.

After making their debuts in 2017, Nielson and Williams were unable to break back into the North side this year, having played seven and two career games respectively.

Junker was unfortunate to have broken his leg in a pre-season practice match last year, but was re-rookied this season, while Narrier was selected with pick 20 in the 2017 rookie draft.

Jeffries was signed as a category B selection with a background in rowing and rugby.

“We wish all the players the very best for the future and hope they find other opportunities,” Joyce added

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