Resource Contracts [latest update: Goldstein --> 2022, Higgins --> 2021]

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Heaps of fun

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 13, 2013
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North Melbourne
Out of contract in 2019.
Goldstein (announcement)
McKay (announcement)
Daw (announcement)
Durdin (announcement)
M Williams (announcement)
Larkey (announcement)
Hayden (std. 2yr draftee contract)
Watson (announcement)

In a great position next year.

year of the roo

Brownlow Medallist
May 12, 2003
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Yes. I think at some stage we had around 15 to re-sign this year. Of course there is still rookies and perhaps a DFA or two to add.
What i like most about those names (plus Wright, Thompson and Rat with their 1 year deals) is basically all except for maybe Daw and McKay are not going to be poached by other sides, they're more likely to be delisted/retired than poached.

I guess the only possible complication might be if Daw, McKay, Larkey and Goldy all have outstanding years. Gun talls are expensive and we may soon start to feel something we've never felt before. A full salary cap!

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Rod Stroker

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Oct 9, 2003
Singapore / 30,000 feet
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North Melbourne
Other Teams
Eagles (NFL), Suns (NBA)


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Dec 14, 2002
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North Melbourne
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Sturt, Liverpool
What are the length of the Polec, Pittard and Tyson deals. I understand Hall is 3 years.

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