List Mgmt. Contracts, trades, draft - 2021 offseason edition

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Oct 11, 2006
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So the 2021 season is officially done and dusted.

It’s time now to fully turn our attention to the off season and what we can do through the trade period/draft to chase down Melbourne in 2022.

List and personnel changes have already been made and I’ll update this OP as and when any further changes are made.

As it stands these are our official list changes :

Out -
• Venables (R) - retired
• Vardy - retired
• Hutchings (R) - delisted
• Ah Chee (R) - delisted
• Ainsworth - delisted
• Johnson - delisted
• Collins (R) - delisted
• Brander - clusterfu**
• Cameron - retired/delisted to be confirmed

• Petrevski-Seton - traded for pick 52
• Chesser - Pick 14
• Hough - Pick 31
• Bazzo - Pick 37
• Williams (Jack) - Pick 57
• Clark - Pick 62

Players on main list - 38
Players on rookie list - 3

Future trade picks :
In - Port Adelaide future 2nd
Out - Future 4th

Assistant Coaches :
• Out - Graham, Hickmott
• In - Schofield (Strategy and Stoppage), Knights (Midfield), Wiley (WAFL coach)
Link to contract status of all players -

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Death by Snu Snu
Oct 27, 2006
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Sth Freo, Liverpool, Chicago Bulls
So Dittmar, Strnadica, Fejo JNR, all go undrafted.

2 drafts go by, and all we've managed to add to address our huge midfield deficiency's (not potential mid, actual mid) is Greg Clark at pick 62.

Daaaamn Daniel Rohan.
Don't we still have list spots though? So we can always add people at the supplemental draft

There is also the pending issue of Sheppard and his future which could open another list spot

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