List Mgmt. Contracts. Trades. Draft. Other Assorted Crap. 2020 Edition

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 5, 2010
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Was taylor the player that the U18s player group wanted out because he wasn't committed , had a bad attitude and turned up when he wanted ?

Pretty sure the WA u18s committee overruled them and played him anyway because of his talent knowing he would get drafted
Yep thats him,sumich overruled them

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 22, 2012
Trapped in a glass box of emotion
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West Coast
Can assure punters Sheed won't leave unless the club doesn't make him an offer. Media will hype it up like the Gov scenario though.
Barking up the wrong tree .

Sheed is a WA boy and an eagles supporter before drafted . He knows they will look after him now and post football .

Interesting that patty cripps team mates didn't nominate him for aflpa MVP this year . Not in the top 3 for the club ?

Walsh Martin and weitering were nominated

Free agent soon ?

Dark Sharks

Brownlow Medallist
Feb 21, 2011
Maynard was blocked
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West Coast
We moved the ball way faster and more precise from our backline compared to this year .

Our slow stagnant ball movement from defensive this year has allowed team's to set up .

Jetta being MIA and hurns refusal to take on the risky kick is to blame I feel .

Maybe they need to be instructed to take risks and give a guy like rotham a license to run , carry and kick into the corridor
Matey i been saying this all year.

All the sexy/champagne footy we had in 2018 which made us so watchable was all due to Jetta's laser boot opening the game up and Hurns career best form.

Hurn is a non entity offensively now and Jetta is basically delisted.

That is a MASSIVE offensive change to our team. These dinky 15m chips around the backline we do trying the switch worked a hell of a lot better back then.

Nowadays when the risky kick is finally ready to be taken, a Neanderthal like McGovern will attempt it off one step and totally cook us.

I miss Jetts. He makes us infinitely better.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 3, 2004
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West Coast
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Man Utd, Perth Glory.
Definitely need some pace coming out of the backline next season, i'm pleased that Cole and Nelson have developed into reliable lock down defenders but with Jetta at the end we need more pace, We should make a play for Saad.


Club Legend
Oct 6, 2005
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West Coast
It is exactly what it is saying. The whole purpose of Bateman and Narkle's role is to work with the club and players who need extra help and guidance around decision making, judgment, mentoring etc. Their job is to help players adapt to an environment in which we know SOME players struggle to adapt to.

If you think that Phil and Chance are spending a whole lot of time working with Tim Kelly and Lewis Jetta, two people who took to AFL environment like fish to water, you don't understand their function, what they bring to the table in terms of expertise, and the reason the club has them on their payroll.

When considering Stack or Taylor, 3 simple questions need to be asked:

Question: Do Stack and Taylor have the talent to play AFL?

Answer: Yes

Question: Do they have areas of their lives they need to work on (work ethic, character, judgment etc)?

Answer: Yes, definitely

Question: When considering our resources, culture, environment and systems, is our club a place that can help them on the journey to do that?

Answer: ......
I think there is a gap between the red flags they are there to help and the red flags that are being suggest especially taylor.

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