News Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread II

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Most recent COVID-19 numbers:

Maggotted, I’m stealing that one.
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There can be only one...
Keeping a close eye on community transmissions.

We needed to widen the testing parameters and tracing to get the hidden stuff.
The map of community transmissions would be an interesting one, it will likely be a small area of hotspots which we could do more aggressive testing in and start deploying greater cleanup measures.

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Feb 16, 2020
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Coronavirus crisis: Premier Mark McGowan confirms WA recorded only three new cases overnight
Carmelle Wilkinson
The West Australian
Saturday, 18 April 2020

There have been three new cases of COVID-19 overnight in WA, with two from the Artania Cruise Ship, bringing the State’s total number of cases to 544.
The locally acquired case is a Rio Tinto worker who returned to WA from a trip to Bali, a move which was slammed by WA Premier Mark McGowan.

“I just want to express my disappointment at this case,” he said.
“It was pretty selfish and irresponsible to travel to Bali last month during these circumstances we were facing.

It is believed the worker self-isolated on his return and contact tracing was now underway.

The worker who tested positive to COVID-19 was one of 1600 Rio Tinto workers who undertook blood tests this week to determine the presence of antibodies.
Mr McGowan said this was the second time WA had recorded just one local case.
“This just shows how well WA is handling the pandemic and the severe restrictions and travel bans,” he said.
He personally thanked the WA public for adhering to social distancing and personal hygiene measures.
The number of active cases in the State has dropped to 149, with 11 new recoveries overnight.
Two-hundred-and-twenty-one of the State’s total cases have come from cruise ships.
There are currently six patients in ICU.
The Premier confirmed the Artania Cruise ship had left Fremantle port and in a few days would be out of Australian waters.
“We are very pleased to see it leave Fremantle this afternoon. We can breathe a sigh of relief,” he said.
The ship will now head to Indonesia where some staff will disembark, before the long journey back to Europe.
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Not sure if this has already posted, but don't expect life to change too much too soon in Victoria.

I can’t see wat I should be seeing Horry? Wats the gist?
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