News Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread II

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Sep 13, 2011
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Hey hojuman , yes I heard dan the man mention this yesterday. It’s completely ludicrous. Was mentioned that it would take 2-3 weeks to make sure sites were properly ‘boarded up and safely secure’ . Everything should be ‘boarded up and safely secure’ when you complete works at the end of each day . It’s my belief that it’s union influence trying to mitigate the impact the new restrictions have on them . As I said , I work in the industry , it’s in my best interest that construction continues but it’s not fair that I can continue to work when others can’t . Particularly when I’ve been advised by a worksafe official that vivid spread is significant within the construction industry
Would not be the first time construction workers are in harms way 👍
During the first round our sites Were kept open but Head Office was shutdown
Site office staff were cut back significantly but it depends (I thought) on the work undertaken

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Heaps of fun

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Sep 13, 2013
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Then they b*tch about why people are not jumping with enthusiasm to all "row in the one direction".
Generations have grown up without the notion of civic pride and now you've got dunderheads like Dan Andrews trying to contain a virus by expecting them to perform civic responsibilities.

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Apr 26, 2008
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Natural progression of things I guess

DA says there is no Stage 5

A rabid Newscorp media runs a story that suggests what Stage 5 would look like if it was actually to exist ostensibly to feed on fear and sell more papers

A readership desperate to blame someone for a global pandemic seizes on it like its actually true and claims there will be a stage 5 lockdown where you're basically imprisoned in your own home, continues to sh*t on DA and the State Gov

A more defiant populace pushes back against "Stage 5" even though no such thing exists and there is actual verifiable video footage to confirm that it doesn't exist and can't be implemented

We have to go to an increased level of restrictions because people aren't doing the right thing, and they're spreading the virus

Newscorp claims it was right all along, its readership claims DA was a tyrant, a despot and a dictator all rolled into one

DA holds a presser conference and says there's no such thing as Stage 6

A rabid Newscorp media runs a story that suggests what Stage 6 would look like if it was actually to exist ...

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Feb 14, 2008
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what if the employer is taking some of their revenue in cash? Understating their takings, but maxing expenses to minimise business tax?

What if they want to avoid paying employees tax, leave entitlements, super contributions - they add up.

Even the ATO reckons the cash economy is costing national revenue around 3 billion a year (2015/16)

I am impressed by your unflappable confidence in the good work of the Australian Tax Office, but clearly some businesses and workers are operating outside of the system. Or only partially working with the system, to their own benefit.
I don't disagree that doesn't happen.
And there are certain industries that still rely on cash and can do this.

Just not as rampant as some suggest.
And definately not "victims of cash in hand" forced to work and breach social distancing and self isolation obligations because they don't qualify for job keeper.

Plenty of prostitutes in that same predicament I guess.

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