Analysis Coronavirus - The Impact IV “Phasing into the New Normal”

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Feb 5, 2009
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Most Australians won't support the cap removal because it doesn't affect them, the same reason why many support WA's hard borders here. They don't have separated families and don't work FIFO so why should they care?
You can always back self interest because you know it's the only horse that's trying.


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Aug 12, 2014
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On one hand, I'm happy that my family and friends in WA are safer now than I am.

On the other, gee I hope this isn't an issue in 6 months time.
Me too. Currently looking like it'll cost $20K for my partner and I to come home!
I really feel for the people who stayed abroad who had visas and jobs, but now find themselves out of work as the economic impacts of covid hit, or simply couldn't fly because they were ill with covid or airlines like qantas cancelled indefinitely.

It seems crazy to enforce such a restrictive cap (to the point of airlines having to cut economy class), when there were 300,000 people coming home at the height of the pandemic between March and May and quarantine coped just fine. Seems more of a political decision so governments can say "we're tough" than issues with resources (which is now user pay) or capacity (reportedly way under capacity). It will cost lives as the mental strain gets too much for some that find themselves homeless, without the ability to earn money and are priced out of coming home.


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Jan 13, 2013
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People only support the governments approach to the virus, i.e. bankrupting the country, at this stage because nobody is explaining to them what the consequences are going to be. Job Keeper will have to be taken away in a few months because the country doesn't have the borrowing capacity to keep paying it. And when Job Keeper gets taken away Australians will be shocked when 30% of Australian small businesses shut their doors literally overnight and the unemployment rate will be over 20%. And it will stay there for a long time. It will be very hard for the economy to recover because nobody will have the confidence to start or expand a business given that the country or just state governments might declare more lockdowns on whim and destroy the business. And most Australians won't have discretionary income to spend to support new business. Tax rates will have to go up to pay off the debt which will suck more life out of the economy. House prices will take a big hit because nobody will want to, or in most cases be able to afford to, buy a house. The banks won't be lending to anybody unless they have a 30 - 40% plus deposit and there will be lots of forced sales of houses due to people defaulting on their mortagage payments. In short, we have committed economic suicide as a country but most Australians don't realise this yet as it is deliberately not discussed in the parliament or on the 10 mins of news they see everynight on the news. They think that this current scenario where the government is flooding the country with printed and borrowed money to anaesthetise the pain is as bad as it gets and all we have to do is put up with this current situation for a few more months and everything will be fixed. The pain hasn't even started yet.

Most Australians also don't realise that the virus is nowhere near as deadly as the government claims. Governments are hyping up the death numbers to justify the economic carnage they have caused. They are marking up as many deaths as they can to the virus and trying to hide the fact that nearly all the deaths are aged care residents. Why is it that when there is an outbreak the government has to send out teams of contact tracing people to tell people they have to get tested and that they likely have the virus? If the virus is as bad as the government says then wouldn't they be at deaths door and heading to a hospital for treatment if they don't drop dead on the street first? Might it be because most of these people don't even realise they have the virus because they have only the mildest symptoms, if any at all? And if people don't realise yet that lockdowns don't work given the global evidence then god help them. They must be epically dumb.

This is all lies. And the media coverage is completely manipulated. On an AFL note, i keep wondering why nobody in the commentary teams or coaches etc are commenting or asking questions about next year. If next year is like this one with chronic lockdowns and hubs and limited crowds etc then the AFL will go broke and be in recievership. They had to borrow $500 million by pledging stadiums as collateral just to get through this season. It seems fairly obvious that the AFL has been told by governments not to allow any public discussion of this by it's employees or allow it's employees to say anything publicly that might in any way alarm the public or undermine support for the lockdowns etc. And they have told all the teams and commentators that no discussion of the impending bankruptcy of the league if all this continues is allowed. Surely it would be being discussed if higher powers were not actively banning that discussion.
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