Crawf and Hird's podcast

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Mr Meeseeks

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Sep 15, 2007
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I had a pretty good look and couldn't find a thread on this. Mods feel free to merge if I've missed it.

Has anyone given this podcast a go? I came across it a few weeks ago and despite Crawf being known as a clown and Hird being known as a cheating, sh*t bloke it is excellent listening. IMO it is the best footy podcast out there.

Hird plays the straight man to Crawf and Ralph and its entertaining to listen to, Crawf is genuinely funny.

Best of all their analysis and insight is very good. Say what you like about either bloke but they were both genuine stars as players and uber professional. They offer something different to the usual talking points the rest of the footy media parrot and to hear their takes on today's topics relating to their own, recent experiences is really interesting.

Both played in premierships and both went through tough times and they are candid, honest and self-effacing when relating to both sides of the coin. Ralph steadies the ship well (especially when Crawf has the attention span of a budgie) and also provides some pretty good relief too as a long suffering Melbourne fan.

If you are able to put your personal opinions aside about either bloke (particularly Hird) I can't recommend it enough.

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