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Brownlow Medallist
May 20, 2014
AFL Club
Nothing worse than watching a player prop bet lose and then the rain come. It’s funny for betting purposes a players performance counts for betting purposes but not statistical purposes
I'm surprised they result it. In tennis they don't, or at least didn't use to. If you took like over 20.5 games and the match went to the third set and it was over 20.5 games at the time someone retired they would still void the bet on you.

Sausage Legs

Club Legend
Sep 17, 2014
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West Coast
So I've had a look at this a bit more closely.

It really is quite incredible that we've had 3 lbw first wicket games in 6 matches.

I looked at every one of the 61 games from last season and there was a grand total of 3 from 61!

Of course I'm not expecting anything close to the current 50% strike rate to continue- but perhaps we are seeing the start of a trend for this season where first wicket lbws are more common than the 3/61 rate of last year?

(Incidentally, the bookies aren't being very generous offering 10/1 on lbws off the back of 3/61. Should be closer to 20/1!)

The 3 lbws from this season have all been taken by spinners, 2 of them came in the 5th over and the other in the 2nd.

Are spinners coming on to bowl earlier than last year? = more first wicket lbws?

Are opening partnerships lasting longer than last year? = getting out to spinners more after seeing off the quicks?

Combination of both?

Was last season an outlier and 3/61 strikerate is low by historical averages?

All of these questions and more I have.... yet currently cannot be bothered answering.
One of the first wicket lbws was Peter Hatzglou. I'm putting that one down to batsmen not picking his new awkward style. Basically hoops it in instead of turn. 3 out of his 4 poles have been LBW.

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Aug 14, 2005
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West Coast
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lakers, nufc, subi, colts
My edge has been lost on the individual boundaries market on TopSport.

This happens in betting. I've said before, if the bookies are framing their markets correctly, then you shouldn't be betting.

Im finding it very hard to find a bet.
Superb discipline! The half volleys outside off may have dried up for now but they will be back. Stay patient


Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 22, 2008
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Team Coco
I'll take Cutting to score 20+ vs Renegades @4 at SB. He's scored 29 in each of his past two innings and seems in reasonable form with the bat.

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Jun 26, 2012
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I put 2u on India at $1.5 overnight. Just think that (even after losing a couple of wickets this morning) they are gonna be leading by 1 about 150. That is a mountain to climb and surely it's worth a 3-4 wicket headstart. So what are India going to have to chase down. 150? Couldn't justify those odds myself.

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