Not-a-cluey Croad & Jesaulenko having a baby!!

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Jess Solero

Jul 7, 2018
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Raising another man's son(s)?

Wow Godchin - really? I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jezza who raved about Trent and his interaction with her two boys. I pray you don’t get married and have two kids and your Wife dies.... don’t allow another woman to be involved in your children’s lives.... it’s 2018 - not 1804 - what a stupid, ignorant comment from you.

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Check out his wiki page.

Within two months of them dating, either Kate or Trent has been on his wikipedia page vigorously updating the page with his relationship information regarding him dating Kate.

Other users keep deleting it because they never provide a source so they keep going back and adding it. Been going on since June last year.

At the same time they deleted an entire paragraph about his relationship with Kym.

These people are so ******* fragile.

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