Not-a-cluey Croad & Jesaulenko having a baby!!

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Sep 21, 2017
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Haha, Jess Solero's posting history is even funnier now that this thread's content has been mysteriously wiped. I know a few on here had the idea that Jess was Trent Croad and the other accounts were Kate, but they're clearly all Kate. She's a basket case.

Here's a few of my favourite posts, from a quick glance.

Talking up Kate in a thread about the Western Region FL:
I also heard ALTONA are bringing in a woman’s team next year and Kate Jesaulenko wants to play for them. That has come from the coach.
Snitching on friends in a thread about football rumours:
The best gossip I have heard is that Alex Fevola had a wonderful time in the back of a cab with Buddy, well Buddy had a wonderful time.... that’s from someone who was sitting in the cab as well.
In a thread about Trent Croad ripping people off:
Go to @katejesaulenko on Instagram and check out her post regarding this. She goes to town on The Age for there story. She is a criminal lawyer and don’t think she would have a go at them if she was wrong. It’s hilarious. Two sides to every story I guess. It’s funny how everyone goes the people with a name. If it was Jo Blo I am sure it wouldn’t hit The Age. Love Jezza’s daughters dig at them especially thanking them for the publicity! Funny girl
Talking up Kate....'s legs:
Haha. Poor Kim. Those Jesaulenko legs... no comparison. Good choice Croady.
Talking up Alex Jesaulenko, from a chance encounter that isn't at all:
Well said. I agree. How could this mark not be immortalised, mark of the century.. what comes before that? And a champion player. Rates in almost all top 10’s. I find it hard to believe that they haven’t done it yet although I hear he is a very private man who couldn’t care less about his football career. I heard an interview where he said “there are one hundred Jesaulenko’s playing right now” so maybe they have asked and he isn’t interested?

I have met him, he is a very humble man??

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