Not-a-cluey Croad & Jesaulenko having a baby!!

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Sep 21, 2017
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Haha, Jess Solero's posting history is even funnier now that this thread's content has been mysteriously wiped. I know a few on here had the idea that Jess was Trent Croad and the other accounts were Kate, but they're clearly all Kate. She's a basket case.

Here's a few of my favourite posts, from a quick glance.

Talking up Kate in a thread about the Western Region FL:
I also heard ALTONA are bringing in a woman’s team next year and Kate Jesaulenko wants to play for them. That has come from the coach.
Snitching on friends in a thread about football rumours:
The best gossip I have heard is that Alex Fevola had a wonderful time in the back of a cab with Buddy, well Buddy had a wonderful time.... that’s from someone who was sitting in the cab as well.
In a thread about Trent Croad ripping people off:
Go to @katejesaulenko on Instagram and check out her post regarding this. She goes to town on The Age for there story. She is a criminal lawyer and don’t think she would have a go at them if she was wrong. It’s hilarious. Two sides to every story I guess. It’s funny how everyone goes the people with a name. If it was Jo Blo I am sure it wouldn’t hit The Age. Love Jezza’s daughters dig at them especially thanking them for the publicity! Funny girl
Talking up Kate....'s legs:
Haha. Poor Kim. Those Jesaulenko legs... no comparison. Good choice Croady.
Talking up Alex Jesaulenko, from a chance encounter that isn't at all:
Well said. I agree. How could this mark not be immortalised, mark of the century.. what comes before that? And a champion player. Rates in almost all top 10’s. I find it hard to believe that they haven’t done it yet although I hear he is a very private man who couldn’t care less about his football career. I heard an interview where he said “there are one hundred Jesaulenko’s playing right now” so maybe they have asked and he isn’t interested?

I have met him, he is a very humble man??

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Yeh, it's a shame all the good sh*t got removed. Was a thread for the ages before then.
Boooooooo sounds so juicy and we will never get to see it. It'd be like waiting 62 years to win another flag and not seeing it, thank god I got to! Mods, time to reload the thread with the good bits!

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Sep 22, 2011
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We may laugh, but none of us jealous types on here really know what it's like to be football royalty like Kate.

Unlike her we can take for granted being able to walk down the street in total anonymity. Meanwhile she's just doing her best trying to stay level headed whilst receiving all the fame and fortune of being a Jesaulenko. Not an easy task.

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