Crows 2020 (non rose coloured glasses edition)

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Jun 1, 2019
AFL Club
Who do you think will be our obriens next year then?

Fogarty should be one.
Doedee was already well on his way.

Then it gets a bit tougher to tell.
Jones was unlucky, if he could've nailed some of those shots on goal he had last year he probably couldve finished with nearly 15 goals from several games. Pretty good in your first year.

I'm trying to think of who dominates in SANFL but there isnt a lot really. Poholke and Wilson. McHenry and Strauchan went pretty well at the end. Davis was pretty consistent and looking fit as a fiddle now. Hamill and Butts had some good games. That said fog didn't look anything special in the SANFL before being brought in.
Fogarty, Himmelburg, Jones, Doedee, McHenry and Stengle should all play many more games next year, with Fog, Doedee and Jones more than handy replacements for Jenkins, Keith and Greenwood (as a mid).
What I'd really like to see is Nicks playing the young blokes where they played when they were drafted as Pike tended to simply plonk youngsters on a flank or pocket.
Milera hopefully gets plenty of time in the midfield and needs to start to really realise his potential.
Fingers crossed that Gibbs plays to his ability and a new game plan should invigorate all the players who looked tired and disinterested in the second half of '19

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