Game Day Crows v Eagles - Lambs heading for doom [now with 100% more POLL ]

Who will win today and by how much? (closes ~4.30PM ACST)

  • Crows 100+ points

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Crows under 100 points

    Votes: 5 7.8%
  • Eagles under 10 points

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Eagles 10-50 points

    Votes: 26 40.6%
  • Eagles 50-100 points

    Votes: 25 39.1%
  • Eagles 100+ points

    Votes: 7 10.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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John Who

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 16, 2017
AFL Club
I hope the Eagles are having an off night and we play our best game for the season.

If that happens: Crows by 46 points.

Realistically though, there is a high chance the OP is onto something.


Hall of Famer
Aug 17, 2007
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The Autobots and Team America
We are gonna get slaughtered.

WCE need percentage and the way games have gone this week, that is the weekly theme.

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hey shorty

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Jun 15, 2005
Where the Hills have eyes
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AUFC, Everton, Sturt
Be very worried West Coast, the Crows have got all the experience and know how for this ‘Snatch and Grab’ in Perth

The Magnificent Seven !!!!

Seriously though, it's gonna be a hell of an afternoon. Got my girls last game of their season and we are down on troops..... then this.

I can't see how we get within 10 goals, I just can't. Even if our midfield show up for a change I don't think we are smart enough.

The Crouch brothers have said the plan is to keep the ball low and hit up Govs opponents when he gives them no respect.

Ideal in theory but let's see if we can carry it out.
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