Game Day Crows v Hawkthorn, 24 July, 7.10pm Marvel Stadium

Who will win?

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May 24, 2006
Car 55
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Redbacks, Sturt, Liverpool, Arizona
Schoenberg burnt a bit a ball late there
That was just having Himmelberg as a target who has no forward craft or ability to read the play

We burst from half back... kept it simple... no funny, unexpected angles... very simple play for forwards to read... no one there.

His other one in Q1 was the same. Tex looking for an easy kick rather than reading the play as his opponent did.


Hall of Famer
Jun 7, 2011
Mount Gambier
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Love seeing Walker give Hartigan a serious touch up
Tex has at least made most of his touches count. Funny thing was listening to Kingy talk about how good he's been at half time and how often we play through him. He'd conceded possession twice as often as the 2-3 times he got the pill. In terms of senior players needing to find their way out of the side or into a lesser role, Tex isn't even close to the conversation.

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