Game Day Crows Vs Tigers: Win or Lose.... You decide!

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Hall of Famer
Oct 5, 2009
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West Adelaide Bloods, Man City.
not too displeased by that. that lynch miss was a killer for us. heads definitely dropped. matched it in pressure for large periods, but just outclassed and outmuscled a lot. just that goal caddy kicked, he'd be about the same height as mcpherson, but monstered him in muscle. hopefully restrictions are lifted for the off season and get the rebuild off and running properly.


BigFooty Juggernaut
May 10, 2009
Adelaide Oval
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Gary Putland, Redbacks, Oz Cricket
A lot of bandwagoners in Adelaide.

I know a bunch of people that were suddenly life long Richmond supporters in 2017.
I seriously wanted to belt the Richmond supporters behind me, spent the whole night bagging Tex and didn’t seem to ever cheer when they got a goal

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