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Apr 15, 2008
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Sometimes in life you think you know just about everything there is to know and then you read that page.

The whole episode ran that knife edge fine line with Race. I wonder what, if any backlash has happened?
It had a few things that could've caused outrage - normalising the KKK, busting the watermelon caricature, fake veganism - but the reason they get away with it (in addition to it being well-established that Larry the character has no care about anything being PC or not), is this:
The Klan thing was kinda brave, but to deal with it as such an everyday, doesnt matter kinda thing is cool. It's a pre-historic mindset. I liked the irrelevance of the whole thing.
It kind of reminded me of the Palestinian Chicken episode in that it flirts with very controversial topics, but gets away with it. Of course, that episode was no Palestinian Chicken. Which I think is probably the funniest episode of TV I've ever watched (and watched and watched).


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Aug 27, 2014
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Is it turning into Seinfeld Season 8 and 9? One or two seasons too many.
Got no idea about Seinfeld. Never watched it enough to know what episodes were what season.

As for as Curb goes, this season been good as usual. Just last episode there was a few things off from the normal very very high standards.

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