Rumour Cyril Rioli meets with Stuey Dew to discuss an AFL comeback with the Suns

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Apr 16, 2010
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The Bulldogs were years ahead of the curve with Brett Goodes. Same as Hawthorn with Burgoyne and Carlton with Betts, indigenous mentors are valuable and in this age of an off-field soft cap it’s not a terrible idea to use a list spot and the playing salary cap to fund the initiative. If the Suns land a non-playing Cyril it will still add great value. I hope he’s able to play personally.

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Brick Loosener

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Jan 8, 2016
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Here's one that got a mention on the Gold Coast board recently so I figured it might be fun to share it here as well.

Supposedly Stuey Dew was spotted talking to Cyril about an AFL comeback recently but I haven't seen any further details about the meeting than the ones just mentioned. Apparently we have been really keen on bringing him in for the last two years which coincides with the Darwin zone being incorporated into our academy program and obviously that means a guy like Cyril (or Burgoyne last year) would have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to NT footy through the our academy programs. Cyril and Dew have a history as premiership teammates from the '08 flag so there is a pre-existing relationship between the two that may play a factor here as well. Mark Evans would also have a relationship with Rioli.

Cyril is only 31 so he's obviously still young enough to make a comeback but the flip side to this rumour is the talk that he's very comfortable in retirement and doesn't really have any desire to comeback. Hard to know if there's ANY truth to this at all but it's a fun rumour nevertheless. I don't know if Bruce would be able to handle a forward line that contains Cyril and Rankine. It may just tip him over the edge on live TV and permanently change the viewer rating for AFL matches.
May have spent all his Tattslotto money.
Seems legit.


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Oct 1, 2004
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Nothing. He was a flash in the pan, odd good game player.
That's absolute sheit.
Had a player ranking of 6 overall at one point. Only small forward I've seen that high. Make no mistake he was a large factor in 4 premierships. Also interestingly there has been a Rioli in 6 of the past 7 GF winning teams.
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