Banter Dad Joke Quarantine Thread

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Eddie Dingle

Some more cheese please
Apr 16, 2007
Joppa Road
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Boy do i feel dumb right now.

I even tried to google this and just got a reference to an 80s english synth band

I never wanted another
Come over to me and discover
How I want to be near you
And you need to be far away
You always seem to make me feel at home
Hey you
People like
I never know, I never know, I never know why
You make me wanna cry
I never know, I never know, I never know why
Forever live and die


Club Legend
Jul 26, 2020
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
A lady is throwing a party where each guest shows up as their favorite emotion. A guest arrives dressed in green. "Envy!" she says, and lets him in.

A lady comes dressed in red. She says, "Anger!" and lets her in.

Two naked guys walk up to the front door. One guy is holding a bowl of pudding with his penis stuck in it, and the other guy has his penis in a hollowed-out pear.

"Wait a minute," she says to them. "This is supposed to be an emotion party!"

The first guy says, "Yeah, and I'm ******* dis-custard."

The second guy says, "And I'm deep in dis-pear."

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