Daisy Pearce is horrid.

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Jul 29, 2009
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Brisbane Lions
Serious question. Is BT the least intellectual commentator on Australian TV? There may be some commentators in the lower grades of other sports that do the job for free that may contend? However this last night was one of an infinite number of examples we have heard from him since he began…

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He is an embarrassment to the industry but the most embarrassed should be Channel 7 for making him the figurehead of their team.

Gets names wrong regularly. Seems to have an incredibly low understanding of the rules. Appears to believe if you repeat the same thing 5 times, it makes it fact. Resorted to a primary school pun involving GWS's Issac Cummings in the game yesterday and paused to allow snickering in the box. In short, has no business being near a commentary box but 7 seem pleased to promote him.


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Aug 5, 2020
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Yeah don't get how she is getting a gig too be honest. Gives no insight into the game at all and just states the bleeding obvious. Cant understand how she is getting a gig over Erin Phillips. But when you look at it, the seven commentary team would be the safest job in the world. Rarely changed in the last 10 years.

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Lucas Jackson

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Apr 3, 2007
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Probably one of only as few people on Ch7 who understands modern footy, along with Hodge and Bartel.
I agree they all understand it, but to be honest the 3 you've just mentioned are boring as batshit on the mic.
I don't know how Bartel has kept a speaking and commentary role, no fluency in his voice.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 14, 2006
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West Perth, Tottenham
Rubbish thread. Would listen to her all day before almost anyone else in the commentary team.

They need to wheel out Dennis and Bruce again, no one seems up to the job.

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We need Bruce from the 90's and early 2000's, not the Bruce in the last few years who was terrible.


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Oct 23, 2014
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She did well on the Grand Final. That might be more of a commentary on the rest of the 7 team as most of them seem to just go through the motions and pipe up with the same cliches whether they're true or not. Richo and Darcy are the living embodiment of this at the moment.

Daisy actually seems to be trying to do a good job and actually enjoys the game. That should be the bare minimum, but it makes her stand out.


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Mar 29, 2010
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Like many commentators, I think she's out of her depth, but she gives it a good go.

She's certainly not the worst, but the standards are so low these days on Seven.

I'd like to see more tactical analysis in place of psychological type comments - "They have the momentum now and it's because they started believing again".

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the PILL

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Jul 29, 2007
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I think she's awesome, notices certain nuances of play the other rolling commentators don't pick up on while they're sensationalising everything or even sometimes later wake up to and reframe.

Pearce, Bartel and Hodge are all very dialed in on the modern game and tactics. Hodgy gets tounge tied a bit though...

If you think she's no good at special comments you're probably one of those knobs at the game screaming out "Just kick it" 🙄


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Sep 11, 2003
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Don’t have a problem with her commentary. Did find it amusing that Brayshaw referred to her as a ‘legend of the Melbourne Footy club’. I would strongly dispute that statement which is more pandering than fact. Winning a couple of AFLW B&F’s does not make her a legend. There’s not really many over 100 years for the long standing sides in the mens competition. Phillips is the only AFLW player who qualifies for that term thus far.


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Sep 8, 2000
Canberra, ACT, Australia
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She’s a Porsche compared to the Datsun Bluebirds around which she is surrounded.
George Fury's Bluebird is one the ATCC great cars and still the lap record holder at Bathurst, the pre-Chase configuration. Porsche couldn't match it.

One of the better looking Group C big bangers as well. :D


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 20, 2008
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George Fury's Bluebird is one the ATCC great cars and still the lap record holder at Bathurst, the pre-Chase configuration. Porsche couldn't match it.

One of the better looking Group C big bangers as well. :D
fair call. I just think back to the red sh*t box Datsun my grandfather had

Maybe Tomorrow

Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 7, 2019
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Gold Coast
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Manchester United, All Blacks
She shits all over any of them.
Doesn’t waffle on, concise and a great knowledge of the modern game.
It's actually funny how often one of the the others (usually BT) is dribbling on about something that happened 20 years ago and she makes a point about the game currently on.

Her and Hodge both seem to be able to ignore the "banter" and just speak about the match.

Mr north man

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Mar 12, 2016
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North Melbourne
She's very low on the list of Channel 7 commentators/personalities who I'd complain about. Get rid of BT, Darcy, Hamish, Basil and Sam McLure and then maybe we can discuss Daisy's role.
Hay just hope Channel 10 with Paramount Sports get the Next rights I recon by then you have a number of special comments people and commentators available for Example Erin Phillips ,Nic Nat ,Nat Fyfe will hopefully picked up with current special comments Dunstall,Hodge,Pavilich,Lynch and commentators Huddo,Speed,Gil Brother Quartermaine and maybe Eddie.
Then no more Channel 7 or Fox Footy morons .

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