Dale Morris' return from ACL injuries

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Sep 21, 2005
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I'm mystified by the great man's healing powers. Last season, we were told he 'nicked' his ACL but a few weeks later he's back playing. My understanding is that most players would have needed a reco.

This year, it seems he buggered his ACL, but due to some miraculous powers he was born with he said "Eff this, I'm not having an operation, I'll just run it off and be back in a few weeks."

And let's not forget he played the grand final with a broken back.

How does he do it? Can other athletes learn from this? He seems like an extraordinarily committed and intelligent athlete who has a huge tolerance for pain and incredible discipline. Bailey Smith said he'd been on the keto diet for years; I wonder if this helps with recovery.

He must be the oldest player in the competition these days. Is that part of the season why he didn't bother with a knee reco, knowing that one may have spelled the end of his career?

Whatever the reason, I salute you Dale Morris. No I love you Dale Morris. If we ever get rid of the Queen he should be president of this nation.

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Sep 17, 2017
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The man deserves a knighthood. End of story.

Sir Dale Morris. It has ring about it, like a supreme court justice or similar notion.

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