List Mgmt. Dan Hannebery - 5 year deal & Pick 28 to St.Kilda for Pick 39 & 2019 2nd Round Pick

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Mar 14, 2013
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And prove all the doubters wrong. Well, whatever the motivation it’s only positive for us.
We should be grateful the media hate the s**t out of us and badmouth just about anything we do as it absolutely lights the fire under people like Hannebery to stick it to em.


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Dec 29, 2008
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Hey everyone,

I've just heard that Hanners' hamstring issue is lingering again - despite a concerted effort to rebuild his legs over the first half of the season.

I'm sure it's a frustrating situation for the club and fellow supporters as he has the potential to be such a valuable player.

If anyones interested I'm a Physio whose passionate about trying to understand the root cause of many of the issues that we face and I've put some thoughts together about Hammies and what I've come to understand about them. I find theres a few things that either get missed or not focused on enough with Hamstrings that may be one of the main reasons they're still such a common injury, and a recurring one in Dan's case.

I did this based on Cyril's issues and used him as an example of what I find clinically.

FWIW I can see the same mechanical issues with Dan.

After a quick google, I've found some images of Dan that highlight what I'd expect to see with him if I saw him in person. Out of context these are definitely random but fit nonetheless.

This video is especially interesting when you see him sitting on his couch, standing talking about the painting above his bed and then sitting on the stool at the end.

In short, it seems the fate of many Hamstrings is decided by the state of your back - and by extension how you position it.

Hope to see him back out there again ASAP

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