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Jun 19, 2006
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There was a moment last night that summarised why we weren't going to win and shows why Danger's current attitude is an absolute disgrace. In finals you can't cover for an ego that refuses to do the team things especially when he fails to produce on the big stage again and again.

Go to 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter last night. Richmond kick their second goal of the quarter and are coming hard. So I look to the centre square to see who's lining up in there. Parfitt and Selwood are talking to Stanley when both Guthrie and Danger jog into the square. The hand gestures told you everything that was going on.

Danger was supposed to be in the forward line for that centre bounce but decided to put himself in midfield and tell Guthrie to go forward. Guthrie went but you could see he wasn't happy about it. And can you blame him? He's spent years sacrificing his game for the sake of our mids who too often run only one way. He's just come off a BOG performance in the previous final and a really good first half. Then when we're crying out for team first footy the ego decides it's the Danger show or nothing. Stanley got a good tap down to Danger who tried a ridiculous over the head handball under pressure and we were very lucky that Parfitt was in the right spot to stop the tigers getting an easy clearance.

I was really proud of the team last night. There's no disgrace getting beaten and we went down playing excellent team first footy taking the game on. We were beaten by an outstanding team that played out of their skins in the second half. Well we had 21 players playing their role and 1 ego refusing to do the team things. No blocking for teammates, no giving to the man in better position, no off the ball running and no willingness to play a role. It didn't help that when he got the ball (which was a lot since he refused to ever leave it for the teammate in better position) he absolutely butchered it.

He might be the most talented player in the team but he's consistently let us down on the big stage and his attitude is cancerous. He's demanded he be the main man time and again and failed. It's time he be made to do the team things. We're never going to win finals with him in midfield trying for miracles and producing shit.

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