Certified Legendary Thread Dangerfield to the SUNS? Bought to you by SKAV

What the FLICK is going on?

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May 20, 2012
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my feelings towards this whole thing is so conflicted hahaha. goddamnit Experimental

if it was just skav with info on this rumour I'd be like yea fair enough, funny troll ha ha. but you come in here with enough 'evidence' to make it somewhat plausible and I'm tearing my hair out!!!
Either this is legit or Skav and Experimental are the same person as they are the only two throwing fuel on the fire.
i lost it at these two posts - great memories :D

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Feb 27, 2005
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My favourite thread on the board..
I remember initially saying absolutely no way..
Then the ‘evidence’ came out.. then I was on, hook line and sinker.


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Nov 4, 2019
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Future teammates? Maybe. They do seem to get along.
Future teammates alright both at Geelong Hahaha Good Call

I don't know why people are saying they think Jaeger's leaving. There's literally nothing to suggest he's even remotely interested in going elsewhere. The club paid for him to have career-saving surgery in Europe, then have paid him to sit on the sidelines for all of 2015.

Some flog in Melbourne concocting a story about Jaeger being a 'city boy' who wants to be a business man is a complete joke. These journos are paid to publish X number of stories per day - one of which was a story with nothing in it about a player he has no idea about.

Let's bring it back down to earth, people.
Ohhhh Jaeger, no wonder Coch was pissed

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