Podcast Daniel Jackson interview

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Aug 15, 2009
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Thoroughly enjoyed it Michaels! I am a big fan of DJ, super intelligent and talented guy. Unbelievable effort when he won the B&F when we had plenty of Stars on the list. Also courage personified, the loudest sound I ever heard at the footy was him taking a hard hit from a Saint Player at Etihad, can't remember who. The sound was like a "crack" but he just bounced up and played on!


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May 17, 2004
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Excellent Michaels thoroughly enjoyed it , with his IQ and credentials in performance psychology he would make a wonderful appointment for an aspiring AFL club one day as I reckon he’d have a real handle on Richmond’s trademarks . Perhaps appoint him as an apprentice ceo at tigerland .loved how you snuck in that question


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Jun 15, 2007
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I can only assume you are talking about the part where talking about how Peggy has bucked the trend becoming President.

If your comments are what you took out of that discussion then I feel extremley sad for you.
Save the pretentious, feigned compassion for your easily satiated listeners and save me from your hypocrisy.

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Mr Magic

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Mar 1, 2010
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Tonight I was lucky enough to have a great chat with former tiger, Daniel Jackson.

A lot of you probably already know this, but Daniel is a brilliant speaker and you could just listen to him for hours.

Massive thanks to Daniel for taking the time to talk to me tonight, I couldn't thank him enough!

During the interview we spoke about:

-When he was drafted and how that all played out
-Having to balance study while playing football in his first year
-His debut game vs St Kilda in 2004
-Daniel's first AFL Goal
-His brilliant goal of the year nominate against the Bulldogs in 2013
-Why he became a tagger
-The 3 week suspension for the alleged headbutt on Campbell Brown
-Being in the leadership group
-The Terry Wallace fallout saga
-Winning the 2013 Jack Dyer medal
-How the club has changed and developed since he was playing
-The impact of Gale and Peggy O'Neil
-Winning the 2012 Jim Stynes community and leadership award (very funny story on this)
-Life after football and what he has been up to
-His company Foundation Performance and what he does
-Work for AFL Europe
-His study and what he wants to do once completed
-The 2017 Grand Final and the iconic footage we all saw of Peggy, Brendan and Daniel embracing after Dan Butler kicked that goal
-His thoughts on the current Tigers.

We covered a lot of topics and Daniel was very details and open with his answers which was fantastic!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted questions, sorry I didn't get to all of them.

I hope you enjoy hearing from Dan and I would really love it if people shared this interview on whatever social media platforms they are on by copying the spreaker link below or by sharing the social media posts you see with links. I really want to get this as far and wide as possible!


That was a first class interview!!!

Daniel was very impressive with his uninhibited openness and communication. It was very interesting and informative to me about how some things transpired in the past from his viewpoint and what he is involved with at the moment. His observation of RFC over a certain timeframe was very interesting, seemingly genuine and enlightening!

What has me curious in particular is why does it cost a lot for internationals to get an AFL pass from overseas to see the footy?? Surely the AFL could organise a cost effective web tailored AFL package for team/highlight content for overseas fans. For example, I have foxtel and Kayo but I am a bit of a AFL freak.
Surely, Richmond and other clubs could enter into a partnership with the AFL HQ for shared revenue for web based content offered to overseas supporters. I do not know what is the price of a web-based live AFL pass is in Europe or USA etc... let alone any other channel medium?? Surely to assist in marketing the game clubs like RFC could assist in providing a club based internet live pass which helps generate support for the club as well. For example a supporter might like to see one or any 2-5 games live on the internet via a club platform as one flexible product package option?? Or the AFL might have flexible marquee games offerings available over the course of a calendar year to boost interest of live viewing on the web for a competitive price that may be more suitable to an interested overseas market customer/client. I assume overseas interest can see the replays and highlights we do on the web through utilising their local ISP.

Anyway, I thought the content was excellent and would be interested in seeing how Daniel progresses. As an observation I can only recommend the sporting environment as a positive pathway to success because the competition rules empowers higher performance drawing yourself into more positive cultures and better people and values otherwise they perish due to competitive pressures from losses versus the opposition. In other areas, including the corporate world less competition can foster alternative cultures so other forces can intervene which can interfere with any productive pursuit that may be out of your control so I recommend Daniel not to stray too far away from the sporting sphere in his endeavours. On the sporting field their is more transparency as the opposition forms a valid benchmark and the scope of informative stakeholders including the fans is broader and more decentralised and less prone to corruption and manipulation which facilitates a meritocracy where the reward for effort is clearly measured. Either way Daniel appears to have talent beyond the football arena and its pleasing to hear the actions he is taking to get the best out of his life, improve his output and support/assistance to others empowering them to achieve more and experience more in their lives!!
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Royce Hafey

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Mar 6, 2013
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I can only assume you are talking about the part where talking about how Peggy has bucked the trend becoming President.

If your comments are what you took out of that discussion then I feel extremley sad for you.
The clue is his use of the term "SJW". Someone's been sipping too much from the poisoned wells of the internet.
Apr 27, 2014
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Great interview Michaels, I finally got to listen to it today. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and now know who it was sitting beside Butch during the 17 GF lol

Thanks for recording!!
That was a very special moment and a shame a great like Lids didn’t want to be there enjoying that golden moment. I think every past Richmond player enjoyed that day except for Lids.
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