Danny Frawley: "Essendon Drugs Saga Made Me Sick"

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antony green psephologist esqu
Dec 29, 2003
AFL Club
I can feel sorry for those left behind in his family and friends but don't confuse public displays of handwringing. for true action, something like SEN ain't different just unctuous in thrall to zeitgeist mores[\QUOTE]

aka Peggy Oneal or whatever Rich pres is called and the mindfulness and tears mores that led the Tigs' '17 flag <cough cough bovinescatology[sic]>

evo ...
... so nice-nice was BS post-facto explanation that the zeitgeist feels feeling feeling ethics hijax[sic]
BS Tigs flag was not about Rhino's tears but the early season <8point losses they should have won most + Leppitsch Cancellara lucking upon defensive F50 strategy w swarming pressure and pother clubs unable to tactically make amendments and Lids departure and board's potential putsch sans chicken pellet manure. Off field shakeup even tho Benny and Peggy Caro brunchbuddy staying Chocko and others peeing off. Dumb luck with enough nous within club to not look a gifthorse in the mouth

random chance of one in 18 clubs*

*stats/chance ain't even for all 1/18 teams =\= 5.'05' %poh centpercentpleonasm
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