Welcome Darcy Fogarty, AFC Pick 12 in the 2017 draft!

How many AFL matches do you think Darcy Fogarty will play in 2018?

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Aw yeah.


Best South Australian in the draft

From Knightmare 's phantom draft on ESPN: http://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/21381638/knightmare-november-phantom-draft-first-three-rounds

4 North Melbourne then later 6 Collingwood - Darcy Fogarty
Height, Weight: 192cm, 95kg
Summary Profile: Powerful, but athletic utility with clean skills. If not for an injury-riddled 2017 he might be in the pick one conversation.

From Brett Anderson on SEN https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/11/20/brett-andersons-2017-afl-mock-draft/

6. Collingwood

25-Sep-99 | 191.9cm | 94.5kg | Glenelg
The Magpies could go a number of ways with their first selection but opt for the talented South Australian inb a real toss of the coin. If Brayshaw falls through he could be the man, while they'll also look long and hard at Jaidyn Stephenson and Aaron Naughton. They've also been linked to Nathan Murphy. The whisper that has been doing the rounds in recent days is that they could take Ed Richards – that would throw things into chaos!
Who else? Andrew Brayshaw, Aaron Naughton, Jaidyn Stephenson, Nathan Murphy, Ed Richards

(what a crap discussion of the player - the whole paragraph is bet-hedging, for simplicity i've highlighted the bits discussing the player in green)

From Bishop 's mock draft: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/bishops-2017-draft-thread.1162459/

Pick 5: Fremantle – Darcy FOGARTY

General Forward (Glenelg/South Australia)
05/09/1999 | 191.9cm | 94.5kg

Scouting notes: Strongly built forward that can push into the midfield. Played up forward for South Australia in last year’s Under 18 Championships booting seven goals. Fogarty played a strong game in the midfield for Glenelg in their finals last year and has been tried as a third tall defender at stages throughout 2017. Has the ability to kick off either foot and can lay bone-crunching tackles. He is more of a third tall than an inside midfielder at this stage. Was ruled out for the season with a meniscus tear in his knee.

In the mix: Few whispers suggesting that Cerra won’t be a Fremantle player which leaves the decision down to probably Fogarty or Naughton.

From zookota123 's mock draft: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/zookotas-2017-afl-phantom-draft-round-1-2.1180832/

Pick 10 Carlton- Darcy Fogarty- Utility players like Darcy don't come around too often and when they do you should pounce. I haven't seen aggression in a player like Darcy in a very long time. It is a positive aggression that he uses well in his advantage for his gameplay. His balance is also impeccable and reminds me of Dustin Martin when he fends people off when the ball is in his hands and being tackled by three players at once and still standing on his feet delivering the ball with ease and no strain in his face making it look easy. He reminds me of a pitbull dog and will go attack that ball using his smarts,skill and fast pace evasiveness while showing great courage. In 2016 he was phenomenal and my clear number 1 for this years draft, but he suffered a knee injury this year which impacted on his whole year. I saw one of his videos this year with him talking about his footy and he is very mature and a level headed young man. He understood that he had a knee injury and that he could play without having any pain while his knee was strapped, but he also knew he could cause more damage to his knee if he over performed. He was in the catch 22 where he had to perform well to show recruiters his worth. If you are taking the best player in the draft and disregarding a teams needs than Darcy would be my clear choice and being a utility who could be an elite star for a long time. Look at past drafts with utility players such as Stringer, Bontempelli, Fyfe. Don't be surprised if he gets a free pass to go to Adelaide at pick 12.
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Top-ranked Croweater Darcy Fogarty playing for more than just himself
Andrew Capel, The Advertiser
November 21, 2017 7:00pm
He’s a tough, physical and imposing type when up and going,’’ said Buckenara, a four-times Hawthorn premiership player. “He’s a great mark and a damaging kick and is big enough to play as a leading target in attack.

“I believe he has a huge upside and for a club in need of a future third tall forward or possibly a defender, I’ve got him rated as No. 1.
“I don’t think he’ll go No. 1 but I would put him there because I think he’s a class player and will be a star.’’

He has cut his teeth as a key forward, Fogarty views himself as a big-bodied, bullocking midfielder in the mould of Carlton’s Patrick Cripps.

“I like the contested stuff and think I can play in the middle of the ground and then go forward and have an impact,’’ he said.

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