Uncontracted Darcy Parish [OOC 2021]

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Hall of Famer
May 6, 2007
South East Suburbs
AFL Club
Other Teams
Tottenham Hotspurs, Melbourne Vixen
Seems like he is behind shiel, Merrett and McGrath for centre square time

that and Heppell coming back along with Caldwell recruited makes me think he’ll be permanent forward

to think they wanted Dunkley also- they clearly don’t rate parish in the midfield
Or Darcy has better forward craft than all those you mentioned??

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 23, 2016
AFL Club
I think that's a bit low but no way he's worth his original sticker price. 15-25?

Would be worth less than danniher as a free agaent.
I can't quite think of what midfield he becomes a permanent centre square starter in? Whatever team that is, would be the one willing to pay the most.

I think he's worth more to us than he is in a trade, simply because he hasn't (yet at least) shown enough to be a top level midfielder, albeit he'll likely still play 200 AFL games at this rate.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 16, 2013
AFL Club
Reckon Truck would love him.

Going nowhere and worth more to us than what we will get for him. (if he asks to leave then trade him however)

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