Daughter decapitates mum in Sydney's west.

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The daughter of Sydney grandmother Rita Camilleri, 57, has been charged with murder today after allegedly decapitating her with several knives, in what police describe as one of the most “horrific” scenes they have dealt with.
Police said neighbours reported hearing guttural screams late on Saturday night, coming from the kitchen of the family home in St Clair, in Sydney’s West, after a row allegedly erupted between the mother and her daughter Jessica Camilleri, 25.

The pair are believed to have argued before tensions escalated and the situation became violent.

Police allege Jessica Camilleri used several knives when she launched her bloodied attack.

Ms Frances’s head was dumped on a neighbour’s footpath two doors down on St Clair Ave.

A young child witnessed the attack and suffered several minor head wounds.

They were taken to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for treatment.

When police arrived on the scene about 11.40pm they arrested Jessica Camilleri in a yard near her mother’s decapitated head.

The rest of Ms Camilleri’s body was found in the kitchen.

Knives believed to have been used in the incident were taken by police to be forensically examined.

Several crime scenes were established inside and outside the home.

Police officers said the family involved was known to them.

Nepean Police Area Commander, Detective Superintendent Brett McFadden, said officers were receiving counselling from psychologists after finding the decapitated head on the neighbour’s footpath.

“There are things police are required to do on a day-to-day basis but this is one of the most horrific and distressing scenes,” he said. “Police received a call from neighbours.”

Mr McFadden said police would allege an argument occurred which became violent.

“The young child is at Westmead Hospital, he witnessed this tragic set of circumstances.

“The family is distraught, this was unforeseen, we’re aware of the family but where was no information this situation in the family home was likely to occur.

“We allege a number of knives were used.”

Officers and forensic experts were this morning combing the house and neighbours’ properties for clues to piece together exactly what happened.

Neighbour Rajinder Kaur said he came home overnight to find police and a blue tarpaulin “outside our door”.

“I don’t understand, they were so close, they were so close, they have a parrot they share and love and were always in a red car together.”

“We came home and there were police with torches searching the street and house, there was something under blue tarpaulin outside our door.”

Police have established Strike Force Comeroy to investigate the death.

Danielle Gusmaroli and Mark Morri, The Daily Telegraph


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“The family is distraught, this was unforeseen, we’re aware of the family but where was no information this situation in the family home was likely to occur.

Curious comment.


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found another link too...

Also, searched for the accused's name on facebook, found a picture of her (could be her, western sydney location) but wont post in case it's not her.

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She’s an odd-sock.


Her name....it’s ringing bells like I know her or have some kind of association with her....I can’t place her face though so could just be mistaken there.

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Some bloke posted a pic on facebook from down the street showing the accused and the head.

She doesn't fit the stereotypical image of a meth addict ( she's the size of a house ) so i'm leaning towards mental health.
She ain't gettin out.
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