Toast David Mundy will retire at the end of 2022

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Apr 2, 2014
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Rams, Raptors, Leafs, Blue Jays
Congratulations on an absolutely stellar career. I hope our boys gave him the send off he deserved. One of my all time favourite non Pies players.

Favourite Mundy memory? That goal after the siren in 2017 to beat Richmond!

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Sep 10, 2006
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Liverpool FC
I was fighting back a few tears when he had that moment with his son after the game.

What a legend of the game he's been. One of my favourite non swans to watch.

I hope he sticks around at your club as he seems like a great bloke too.

Dump Truck

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Aug 18, 2009
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Tottenham Hotspur
It hurts even more this morning now it ha sunken in. Thanks Dave! You were an absolute shining light for our club and will forever hold a place in our purple hearts 💜 💜💜


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Aug 4, 2004
on planet Crow
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I pretty much never go to other club boards to post, but felt the need today.

I don't think there has been a player more universally admired than David Mundy. An absolute professional and an outstanding player, who did nothing but play the ball and be consistently excellent across a long career. I can't even count all the times he tore my team apart.
Having not seen him play each week, I think most of us were a bit slow to realise just how good he was as a player. By the end though, there is not a supporter in the country who doesn't recognise how outstanding he has been.
Just a star in every sense of the word.
Jun 12, 2018
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Legend! was at the g that Sunday arvo when he kicked that goal against eventual premiers to win.
Besides the result it was a privilege to be there last night to send off the old bull!
Pies fans and players did a great job help give Mundy the applause he richly deserves.
Watching live he is such a general and will leave a massive hole.
We can only hope Fyfe can get back to full health to be that calm experienced head.
Players like Mundy and Pav have kept supporters proud of our club in dark times through our history.
Love you


Jun 7, 2015
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The respect from the Collingwood players and fans deserves a mention. It was like he was being chaired off at a home game. Incredible respect and hats off in my opinion

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would've been nice to have it on the big screen instead of some interview while he was being carried off

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Jun 15, 2005
perth WA
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Fremantle. Q.P.R
First Post in quite a while, will read everyone's comments shortly. We have had some wonderful players and I thought no one would come close to Pav as my all time favorite Docker but Barra just didn't pass Pav in my eyes. I cried last week, not because we lost as I had expected it but the career of our great Barra was over. I think he was admired and respected by almost everyone ( don't include some eagle fans in this as they are a different species ). Even after the game he stood up and did a wonderful Dad moment to his son. I loved him and will really miss him. A champion on and off the field.

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