Random David Schwarz aka The Ox aka Theo X, who are you?

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Crimson Azure

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Jul 16, 2007
Mariana Trench
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Lamb on the spit

Time to confess your username on Big Footy. How did I come to this conclusion?

1. You spoke about people who were going to 'throw coins at Scully when he plays the MFC next." - As discussed in the Scully thread on our very own Dees board.

2. Referring to Big Footy & then discussing a thread that was posted on Bay 13. That sounds normal you may say..... Well just remember the fact you can't go on the Bay 13 board unless you are a registered used who is logged in to Big Footy.

I have also heard a few other things that have made me suspect you are indeed lurking, posting or trolling here.

Now is the time to own up, who are you?

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