Local Rugby Union David vs Golaith Battle on the Weekend in Victorian Junior Finals

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    Hi all,

    I just want to share a story of how a club beaten all odds to win the premiership.

    Shepparton Rugby Union(odds $6) club who have been only establish for 3 years went into the Under 18B Grand Final against Harlequins ($1.10)who has heaps of history

    To give you a equivalent Shepparton were the League 2 of the English Soccer System and Harlequin are the Manchester United of the league. Harlequin were unbeaten all season.

    Anyway, The first half was a tough battle with Harlequin scoring an unconverted try and Shepparton scoring a penalty goal to make it 5-3 at the break.

    Just after 5 minutes after the Second Half, Shepparton Bulls had a player sent off for a lifting tackle. In my honest opinion, never should have been a sent off. Sin bin maybe.

    After a couple of minutes, Shepparton Chance there back line and scored in the right hand corner to bring make it 8-5 lead to Shepparton.

    A couple of minutes later, The "quins" brought down the man advantage and score on the right wing to regain the lead 10-8.

    Shepparton then scored from Kickoff after kicking the ball down field in which the No 10 scored to make it 13-10.

    About 10 minutes later, Penalty awarded 48 meters out and at 45 degree with Shepparton going with the wind. Shepparton decided to take the kick at goal and the kick was taken and land one meter behind the cross bar. Flag up Goal scored. Make that Shepparton 16-Harlequins 10.

    With only 5 minutes to go, Shepparton had a player sin bin due to rough play away from the ball so Shepparton down to 13 men and they hold on to win with 2 man disadvantage at the end.

    Shepparton win their first premiership in any competition after 3 years in existence. People at the ground were asking if they what club are you with because they have not seen Shepparton Rugby Union Club.
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    Who framed the market?

    I didn't know the TAB fielded on local Rugby?