Rumour Dayne Beams set to “retire”

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vanderlay industries

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Oct 24, 2012
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I doubt it's an OD. If it was, it's incredibly lazy reporting to say "bad reaction to painkillers". Like saying Majek had a little slip on a bridge. In other words, he literally probably just a bad reaction to pain killers and theres nothing to see here.
And Cousins had a "reaction" to a sleeping pill while at Richmond, as reported at the time. Very obvious what is going on here and very sad. Wish him all the best hope he comes out of it


You can't kick goals when you're unconscious.
Feb 9, 2012
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Bucko? Pretty much explains it all. The sad part is you value a discussion forum over someone’s life. Go to bed tonight, pleased with your days achievements that you trolled brilliantly and that you put someone down and made yourself feel better. Enjoy your night. You have achieved so much today. I won’t waste any further time on someone such as yourself. Sleep peacefully with the knowledge you were the best keyboard warrior you could be.
Do you feel better now? Get that off your chest? My original comment was regarding the wording of the article. Nothing more. You're the one who went off on a crusade/tangent.

I hope you also emailed FoxSports regarding their article, considering it is the source matter of this current discussion. Did you also pop into the dozens of other threads on this forum and ask them to stop discussing controversies regarding those players?

If a discussion forum makes you angry and distresses you then I politely suggest you refrain from things that angers and distresses you.

How's life in the wild west buckaroo ? :p
Yee haw
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Jul 28, 2004
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Mark Robinson certainly didn't help the speculation about whether it's more than a "bad reaction to pain medication." In doing the thing that he does where he drops a morsel to say "hey, I know stuff that you don't know" he's made everyone watching 360 tonight believe that Beams has OD'd.

Whether he has or he hasn't, it's bloody poor form considering the rumours going about the joint.
Robbo is a bottom feeder, absolute awful person. Worst bloke in football. Loves to get on his high horse over social issues like racism etc but shows a complete and utter lack of respect for peoples health. Its not the first time he has done it, won't be the last, he should be run out of the game. ******* germ.

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May 20, 2014
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Pretty cut and dry to me...

adverse reaction to pain medication. If it was anything else.. they wouldn't be saying 'adverse reaction'. It would be more along of the lines of "Dayne Beams hospitalized" This is not a an attempted suicide, overdose or anything such, or the article would not have mentioned the pain medication because the media does not give details like that on anything to do with those issues to deter others.
Someone sees Beams at the hospital.

Tips off journalist.

Journalist asks club.

Club tells journalist reaction to pain medication to get them to piss off as none of their business.

Journalist is nuff and writes article about it. Every other news outlet follows suit.

Whether the reason is true or not is to be confirmed. I'd have my doubts personally. Certainly Robbo's reaction to it on AFL360 would indicate there is more to it.

Capital Magpie

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Aug 27, 2017
Canberra, ACT
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I've read this thread a couple of times now and I see lots of veiled references to illicit drug-taking and possible overdoses, as well as gambling addiction (Toump Ass's posts in particular are downright....wierd).

So no one actually knows what's going on with Beamer?

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Phil Inn

Aug 20, 2019
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The only thing this thtead achieves is highlighting posters with personality disorders. This site seems well stocked. I guess its a business model. Welcome to bigfootychan.
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