Player Watch Dayne Beams - Steps away from footy to deal with mental health.

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Dec 1, 1999
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"Trying to improve my quality of life and meet the demands of playing and training for football at the elite level continues to be a struggle," Beams said in a club statement released on Friday.

"My health and football have come to feel like competing priorities, which is not a position that is helping or enabling me to meet my responsibilities.

"I have been trying to meet this challenge for a number of years but, with a series of debilitating recent injuries and my mental health a work in progress, I have reached a point where I know that stepping away from football is necessary.

"I want to thank all who have supported me and my family. I look forward to a brighter future."

If you're experiencing any issues, please seek help - many resources listed here:
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Feb 28, 2007
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Only positive is it won't last for 9 years.
Yep. Buddy has been terrible for the Swans. I mean he has only been All Australian for us 4 times, lead our goal kicking 5 times, won the Coleman for us twice, not to mention kick 364 goals for us in 118 games. I mean he clearly has not lived up to his contract.


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Feb 28, 2007
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Doesn't matter. Buddy has been entertaining me a lot since 2014 and I love seeing him in red and white. I will remember Buddy playing for the Swans for the next 50 years. Seeing him playing for my team has been a real pleasure and for me that is worth everything that has happened.

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Aug 11, 2006
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"Im publicly announcing im depressed and in turn stepping away from something i love, Also money to try to sort myself out so im happy"

Scum of the earth "HES ON DRUGS CLEARLY"



Find the nearest wood chipper, turn it on and then lean in and check if it's working. Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well

Hopefully he can sort himself out and get back to AFL, He's clearly struggled with his body and mind the last 2/3 years. He's an amazing player up and running. Hoping we can see it again before he leaves the game


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Jun 16, 2018
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North Melbourne
I don't know the first thing about this dude.

That said, the gambling rumours seem legit, and if so, its a shame, hope he can sort himself out.

It can creep up on people and before they know it they're up sh*t creek. Easy for haters to hate but it does happen.

Seems like Fev turned it around, no reason Dayne can't.

End of the day he is still a handsome young man with a tonne of connections, if he wants to sort his problems out, he has every chance.

Good luck to to him and to Collingwood's people responsible for these things. They're professionals, time to earn their money.


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Aug 2, 2007
Tangiers Casino, Las Vegas
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As bad Cousins imo, apparently helped out of huge debt by Collingwood then does the dirty. Lost any respect I had for him, this Mental Health issue "Drug Habit" BS has to stop.
Will sit on social media now hoping to get into arguments with 1 out of 100 who pot him the bloke is immature fukwit.

Rocked upto training first day with the book "The subtle art of not giving a fu**" then a week later gets dropped by New Balance and shits all over them on Instagram.

I never wanted him back, I have always seen the sh*t stain he is, hope you get well Beama but that won't happen until you make life changes.


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Dec 28, 2007
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Whilst i would like to give him the time and respect for 'Genuine' mental illness i am starting to question Beams motives to an extent

Wants to go home for Dad - Fine i can respect that
Wants to come back - Yeah thats ok too

But looks like when he wants something his mind is in a good space and after he gets it it goes into problem mode
Just looking like this guy has been on very very good coin for a very very long time but has not really done much for it the last 5 years

But always 'In a good space' when contract is running out ?

I have my doubts


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Sep 21, 2017
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Not being able to function properly because you have depression or because you have an addiction is one thing.
To have the nerve to look everyone in the eye in his BnF speech and say that he isn’t going to Collingwood, to have the nerve to ridicule and run down Caroline Wilson when she said he would go and him knowing he would go, that is a different thing.
I’ll lend a hand to anyone having a go and I don’t expect people who have depression to act like they don’t.

I don’t expect anyone to act like a sh.ttalker and if they do and it blows up in their face don’t expect my sympathy.

the harry

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Sep 25, 2007
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West Coast
This feels different to a few of the others that have taken time off. Doesn't appear to have as much sympathy as others and not just from opposition supporters.

It's pretty interesting to watch it happen without strong feelings either way (in the sense mental health isn't unique to him and nor are any other issues that may or may not be causing him issues).

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