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Oct 7, 2007
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What can/does an appeal judge do if they find a magistrate has taken the approach of “This is my court and I'll decide what the law is”?

Is there any recourse?
Yes, any decision can be appealed and higher courts in my experience are far more strict about making decisions based on law.

Some magistrates react poorly to having their decisions questioned.

District Court and Supreme Courts really do follow the letter and spirit of the law much better than lower courts

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Mar 31, 2018
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Lotta absolute saints in this thread. Lots of blokes who have a very clean record when it comes to the ladies. Yes sir, stand up gentlemen, no sex before marriage kind of males kicking about some serious conversation.
Id respect my son enough to not show my trophy around in public at the expense of the mothers wel being


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Sep 6, 2019
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This has to be the lowest IQ post I've ever read.

How in the world does this poster thinking Zorko's a flog (which he is) have anything to do with thinking Duck is a flog? (Which he is)
What do Dayne Zorko, The Duck and Harris Specter all have in common? HINT:... FLO_S


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Oct 6, 2014
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Man takes new partner to event...Bigfooty meltdown!! Sounds about right, honestly do we actually care?? I bet people don't even know the names of the females involved...yet seem so touched and affected by it all.

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