News Dean Brogan part time ruck coach

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Premiership Player
Sep 9, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Stoked with this! I reckon the "boys club" situation is merely coincidental. All the appointments have been great, and best available IMO. The fact that they are ex-Power people is immaterial in the long run, but also comforting. Now we want to see them really work well together as a team. Geez, anything will be better than 2018!!!


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 12, 2003
Drowning my sorrows on the end of some bar
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Port Adelaide
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NUFC, Green Bay
I am not a fan of this appointment. He is a champ of the club, but I honestly feel we have too many past players on the staff, particularly from the same era.

I get that they have all gone out and got their own experience away from Alberton, but geez the boys club is a bit much.

Steve Dore

International Trade Facilitator
Aug 30, 2004
a three hour tour.
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Port Adelaide
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Minnesota Vikings, Canadiens, Ports

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