List Mgmt. Death Ride 2021: Collingwood First Round Pick is ours!

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Club Legend
Mar 21, 2014
AFL Club
No chance Kangas finish anywhere but 18th this year sorry lads.

Would be staggered if Horne had not toured the facilities to be honest!
Do you need another midfielder? Seems like you might have missed the boat with a key forward last year. Surely not two years in a row

Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
They take Horne no risk.
They may call Daicos first, but they end up with Horne (assuming they run last of course)
I agree. If they wanted a KPF, they would have taken Logan McDonald last year. Norths obviously putting their faith in their existing talls - Larkey, Comben, Xerri. Prioritising getting a superb midfield, so Daicos/Horne would be the obvious best talent on this draft.

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