Oppo Camp Deathriding Dogs, Freo and Crows - Daicos points.

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2018
AFL Club
For those that don't know..

In the points index, points are assigned to picks in the draft.

A bid at pick 1 with the 20% discount would be 2,400


Premiership Player
Sep 24, 2019
AFL Club
Not at this present time. We are about 758 short. But there is an easy fix. Swap another club's 2nd rounder for our 2022 2nd rounder.

In the meantime, we count on other clubs misfortunes lol
We will need our 2022 2nd to rebuild the list. It will be low 20’s. We can’t just keep trading them. We need more than daicos, and a first rounder next year to rebuild

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 9, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
AFL Club
We'll end up picking up a little more with Adelaide, I reckon they'll probably finish third last by the end of the season. Fremantle probably a bit lower as well. Bulldogs are the interesting one because we have thier second rounder. They'll looking good but they are the one we want to capitulate.

Although for those interested in the mid season draft they might want to hope for a sneaky Adelaide win or two for us to to get ahead of them in the order.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 20, 2009
AFL Club
We need to trade player/s and swap the seconds for 3rd/4th etc. it can be done and need to be done without impacting 2022
We'll need a lot of vacant list spots to do that. There's a few to delist, but we need to add Keane and maybe Noble. Then if we have a fair few list spots to fill, we'll be filling the list spots with blokes taken in the 70s.

Bay Pie

Brownlow Medallist
Sep 28, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
LA Lakers,NE Patriots,Liverpool FC
Gold Coast has picks 3 picks inside 30 and a choc a bloc list already. I think theyonly make 3 picks this year.

They currently have picks 44 (362 points), 55 (207), 59 (158) and 64 (101).

We can swap our 2022 3rd and 4th rounder to get a piece of these picks on draft night as picks as assigned to vacant list spots prior to the draft. If we can move onMason Cox for pick 44 (GC need rucks with Witts injury), keep Max Lynch and take one of the 3 highly touted 19 year old ruckman in the mid-season draft.

We can get ND and Dib without using our 2022 1st or 2nd rounders. Plenty of options. Flick that WBD 2nd rounder on draft night for multiple later picks making a profit on points.

750 points to make up currently and I expect that to reduce as the Crows and Freo start playing better teams. I’m also not expecting WBD to make the GF.

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