Review Dees v Gold Coast in Sydney: the Marginally Good, the Horrendous and the Up the Clacker

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All Australian
May 22, 2018
AFL Club
Gold coast 1-39, king/Fritsch anytime goal kicker, match points under 115, first score-melb behind- paying $37 if anyone wants to pay off their HECS debt


Club Legend
Oct 9, 2014
AFL Club
Team looks better in Defence with O.McDonald back there (mainly because he frees up key players).

Still a ways to go for this team, disposal was just awful for some players, but this was much better than last weeks effort.

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All Australian
Apr 1, 2018
AFL Club
I don't think it was a great win. Papered over a lot of cracks. We did better in a lot of ways but nowhere near perfect.

Good: Gawn. Viney (so happy for him, I've written him off a few times). AVB awesome pressure. Langdon disposal and workrate. Harmes playing more mid time and pushing forward. Salem.

Bad: Petracca and Oliver's disposal - sorry but it was mostly putrid all night. Lockhart. Melksham. Brayshaw mostly missing. May kicking to the same bloody spot on the ground every time and generally turning it over.

Ugly: Umpiring was atrocious. Injury to TMac. Gary Lyon singing our praises at the end - mate we were adequate, not good.

Special mention: Weid - did enough but mate, can you please just mark the ball. OMac - didn't look terrible.


Oct 19, 2017
AFL Club
back 6 held on really well while the rest of the team went to sleep in the last, credit to them for standing up.
mostly dominated the game and GC only stayed in it by pulling goals from nowhere, any other day of the week they miss half of them.
gawn doing gawn things
vanders tackling
bennells goal
viney breaking tackles
fox footy so no BT

the disposal efficiency of the whole team is still shithouse, oliver looks like hes gonna throw up whenever he has to kick it.
still cant put a chain of 3 disposals together without a fu**up
gawns dump kick to a 1v5 for our first goal, what was the plan there?

a coin toss every 5 minutes to determine how the rules will be adjucated. holding the ball one minute, ball up the next, push in the back right after. pick an interpretation and stick to it, makes it infuriating to watch, and i bet play too.
olivers haircut
6pm timeslot, missed the first 10mins of 3rd quarter making dinner.

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