Review Dees v Lions Götterdämmerung: the Twilight of the Gods: good, bad and fugly

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Johnny Karate

Premiership Player
Apr 13, 2015
AFL Club
Avoid embarrassing ourselves in front of Geelong next week. Pretty sure they’ll pump Brisbane but surely the Lions are a better chance given how cooked we looked late.

Petracca, Harmes, ANB and Petty all busted their campaigners on a dirty night.

12 goals to 5 from 28 points up with 16 seconds to go in the second. Every loss we’ve had this year bar Geelong has been similar. We get to a point of putting the game out of reach and then get really passive when the opposition gets a run on. At first we blamed loading and then it was injuries, surely the biggest factor is mindset?

Salem, Jackson, Viney, Brayshaw, Gawn, Oliver were passengers.

The forward line
Undisciplined s**t from Pickett and Lever in the last
Sparrow, Brown and Rivers were all mind bogglingly s**t.


Organising Trident's is my specialty
Oct 18, 2013
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Carolina Panthers
We need danster in the guts locking it in and kicking it to a forward 50 filled with his favourite 18 year old key forwards


Is he off Jefferson? I thought he was his main man.

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